Zoey Deutch talks ‘Wonder Woman’ and power dressing

Zoey Deutch talks ‘Wonder Woman’ and power dressing

The Hollywood Reporter – Riding a Wonder Woman high, the Women In Film cocktail party celebrating Face of the Future Zoe Deutch on Tuesday night at the Chateau Marmont was an upbeat affair.

“If I had a superhero movie like that when I was a kid, I would have walked down the street and thought, I can do anything!,” said Deutch, dressed in a red velvet bra top and pantsuit by Max Mara, sponsor of the party as well as tonight’s annual Women In Film gala.

Director Patty Jenkins is undoubtedly Hollywood’s new superhero, scoring the best box office debut for a female director ever. But Deutch is no slouch either.

“To be honored by Women in Film is really special because I come from a family of women in film,” she said, noting that her mother Lea Thompson is an actor and director, and her sister Madelyn Deutch is a writer and actor.

Thompson, who was also at the party, directed her two daughters in the upcoming The Year of Spectacular Men, which is premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Zoey also appears in Rebel in the Rye opening this fall, the upcoming Flower which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and she’s currently shooting Set It Up in New York City.

She’s also becoming a bit of a fashion plate (the bra top, she admits was a daring choice). “My style is dependent on my mood. I don’t want to just feel beautiful, I want to feel powerful and ready,” she said. [Fashion] “can make you walk differently, talk differently, hold your head differently, and that can be a real gift. That’s what I seek out when I’m trying to find an outfit for an event like this, which feels like my second bat mitzvah,” she said, popping up from a couch to greet friends.

The one fashion item in her closet she’d never give up? “A Kenzo coat I got on sale at Opening Ceremony. It’s big and black with shoulder pads and embroidered eyes all over it. I wear it when I go to something where I’m not sure I’m going to know anyone. It’s a talking point.”

Max Mara Face of the Future Award

Max Mara Face of the Future Award

Zoey Deutch attended, on June 12th, the event of Max Mara called Face of the Future Award in Los Angeles, California. The event was held to honor Zoey as the 2017 Woman in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award recipient. Check out the HQ pictures below:

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Scans from InStyle Magazine July issue

Scans from InStyle Magazine July issue

Zoey Deutch is featured on July issue of InStyle Magazine and you can check the article and the scans below:

Zoey to the Max

“You should be really grateful you’re not catching me when I’ve had a full night of sleep,” Zoey Deutch says, by way of introduction. “Because you would be so exhausted!”

Due to her electric personality and machine-gun diction, the 22-year-old actress is often called a spark plug, but it might be more accurate to describe her as a nuclear reactor. Wrapped in an oversize camel coat from Max Mara at Milan’s Mandarin Oriental hotel shortly after attending the label’s fall runway show, she bounces between the topics of fashion, film, family, and even her irrational fears (don’t get her started on revolving doors) with an impressive exuberance.

“When people tell me I have a lot of energy, I usually feel bad for them, but then they only have to spend a certain amount of time with me,” Deutch says wryly. “I have to be with me all the time.”

In fact, her enthusiasm is infectious, which helps explain why Deutch has managed to vault from Vampire Academy and Disney tween fare to the forefront of the millennial generation in Hollywood after a handful of eclectic yet well-received performances, notably in Richard Linklater’s 2016 teen romp Everybody Wants Some!! and the young adult yarn Before I Fall. And she will appear in several daring roles coming this year, including that of the wildspirited Oona O’Neill during her 1940s romance with J.D. Salinger in Rebel in the Rye.

But it is Deutch’s commitment to speaking up for social causes at a young age that inspired Women in Film, which promotes equal opportunities in the media industry, to name her its 2017 Max Mara Face of the Future Award winner.

“I’m so involved in women’s activism and rights that it feels very fitting to be aligned with a brand that celebrates women in film and art,” says Deutch, who began campaigning on behalf of Planned Parenthood two years ago after reading about congressional e orts to defund the nonprofit. And with her family (her mother is the actress Lea Thompson, her father the director Howard Deutch) she has worked for more than a decade with Corazón de Vida, which supports orphanages in Baja, Mexico. “It’s nice to be part of a generation that is taking more of a vocal stance,” Deutch says. “I don’t think silence makes you safe.”

Deutch’s advocacy has won accolades on Instagram, where she mixes personal images with feminist messages. “I’m just trying to have an open conversation with as many people as I can, and that includes those who don’t always agree with me,” she says.

Yet it’s not all politics for Deutch. She’s already captured the attention of designers—beyond her Max Mara connection, the actress turned heads in Tory Burch at the Met Gala this year and was seated front row at Dolce & Gabbana’s millennial-themed show in 2016.

“I’m very particular about what I wear,” she says. “One of my favorite things to do with my mom and sister is to go to garage sales. We take road trips to visit thrift stores in Albuquerque or Montana.”

Vintage clothes and Max Mara coats aside, Deutch likes to be unpredictable with her look. “I’ll go out with my friends to a club in L.A. in a full black lawyer suit, totally buttoned up, with pointy heels, and I’m barely even showing the tips of my fingers. They’ll be like, ‘Zoey?’”

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Help us get Zoey Deutch nominated for Teen Choice Awards 2017

Help us get Zoey Deutch nominated for Teen Choice Awards 2017

Zoey has been doing an amazing job with all her recent movies, specially with ‘Before I Fall’, so we have decided it’s very important to get her nominated on Teen Choice Awards 2017. To help us achieve that, you have to follow some rules:

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If she get nominated, we will have to vote for her again, so she can actually win the category. The award show will happen on August 13th.

Zoey Deutch is one of 2017’s Hollywood Heroines of The Edit Magazine

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I did. My sister Madelyn wrote The Year of Spectacular Men and starred in it, I co-star, my mom directed, my dad produced. It was about as personal as you can get.

There’s a real opportunity to make change in the world through Hollywood. But it’s a mixture of art and commerce, and it’s confusing when you’re telling artists to be business people and you’re telling business people to be artists. I want to always be an artist first.

Yes, but I fear trend – trends go away. This needs to be our reality. Look at the past; look at Katharine Hepburn in Bringing up Baby and Stage Door. They’re great stories, written for women, that are strong, funny and complex – and we’re talking about it like it’s the first time in history. It can’t just be a moment in time.

My mother told me that being jealous of other actors is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You might have insecure moments, but being jealous of others is pointless.

I got a text from Robert De Niro: ‘How’s it going Zo, can’t wait to see you at Tribeca [Film Festival].’ I literally dropped my phone.

That what other people think about me is none of my business.

I don’t want to be considered [just] a comedic actor, or a dramatic actor… I’d like to do it all.

Check out the pictures from the shoot:

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